ES-11B, 不鏽鋼 正方型 無框款 四門活動 底軌趟門


ES-11B, 不鏽鋼 正方型 無框款 四門活動 底軌趟門


EPICZ 不鏽鋼浴室玻璃趟門


簡介:  不鏽鋼  無框款 四門活動 底軌趟門 

– 10 mm 強化玻璃
– 10 mm tempered glass.

-兩邊小巧不鏽鋼磁吸邊柱設計, 時尚, 防水力強
-Two sides with refined stainless steel magnetic strip frame, modern and practical.

-採用下路軌設計, 可做大橫跨度
-Bottom Rail, Works fine on large dimension.

-雙門互趟, 靈活實用, 出入位置更大
-Sliding doors can be switching positions, wider entrance with more flexibily.

-內外玻璃安裝不鏽鋼橫拉手, 可當毛巾架使用, 物盡其用
-Both handles on the door installed horizontally, can be used as towel bars.

-有框邊可借力, 墻身不需鑽吼也可穩固地安裝
-Independent with the frames, can be installed with drilling holes on the walls..

-頂用玻璃天橋, 時尚高雅, 空間感大增, 不感壓迫
-Modern Glass-bridge top design, increasing room extensity.

-專利”不鏽鋼三連輪”設計, 行走更順暢更耐用.
-Special “Three Wheels In Line” design, move smoother, last longer.

-獨家Easy Disassembly 設計, 清潔維修更新無難度
-Easy Disassembly, cleaning and repairing workless.


高度 寬度 價錢
72″內 60″內 $11200
72″內 70″內 $11880
72″內 80″內 $12680
72″內 90″內 $13480